About the Artist

Chris started his artistic career at the age of five when he painted his dog blue. His mother-an art teacher and his father a mechanic, Chris was taught to fix his own problems. Growing up on a small ranch Chris learned to be an expert chicken tamer by age ten.

He designed his first logo when he was just fifteen. It was then he discovered commercial art. While completing his Associates degree, Chris ran the design department in a small print shop. At 20 he began doing concert posters for some nationally recognized bands. He held various in-house roles as a lead designer in apparel decoration and packaging while attaining his Bachelors. At 30 Chris began designing for the public sector as a communication designer. This led to working with freelance clients such as The City of Boulder - Open Space and Mountain Parks, and The City of Denver. Chris lives with his fiancée and his two dogs in Denver. When hes not designing he's four-wheeling, rock climbing, or making jewellery.